Preventive DentalHere at Tweed district dental we believe that your teeth and smile are the gateway to your health and confidence. Maintaining your oral hygiene with regular examinations and cleaning is essential for keeping your teeth for life. Finding decay and other issues earlier using not only visual aids but x-rays (every two years) at recall appointments means they can be fixed with less invasive options and the cost is much less with early detection.

Straightening your smile is not only an attractive self-esteem boosting treatment to have, but also increases your oral hygiene. Straight teeth means fresher breath as there is not as many areas for food and plaque to hide, less decay as the teeth are better aligned and easy to clean, and better gums as the toothbrush and floss can access straight teeth much easier, allowing less plaque and calculus to build up.

Two thirds of the population notice your smile before any other feature. Psychologists have been studying people’s perceptions for many years and surveys prove that an attractive, healthy and white smile have a greater effect on others than you may think.

  • Examination
  • Scale and cleaning
  • Tooth remineralising treatments
  • X-rays
  • Braces
  • Myofunctional therapy