Get Your Sports Mouthguard Fitted in Tweed Heads

TDD MouthguardsMouthguards are an important part of playing any contact sports. Mouthguards help reduce severity of facial and jaw injuries if not prevent them altogether and are by far the ideal way to help your child preserve their smile. At Tweed District Dental, we can help fit you or your child with a mouthguard at the most affordable price.

What is the process when getting a sports mouthguard?

When you set out to buy a mouthguard, there can be a lot to think about. Thankfully, we make it easy at Tweed District Dental. There are different types from prefabricated, boil and bit or custom made by us.  The average cost of a custom-made mouthguard is between $160-$200 (4mm). However here at Tweed district Dental we like to support local sports but offering custom made mouthguards to all our patients for health fund only rebate with no out-of-pocket expenses, if you do not have a health fund we simply charge a very reduced price of $70.  Custom made mouthguards offer more protection than cheaper ill-fitting styles and allow your child to breathe, speak and drink with ease while also being able to personalize their mouthguard by choosing from many of the colours we offer.

Last year the Australian Dental Association created new guidelines for sporting clubs to follow stating “no mouthguard, no play” policies.  They have used a study which was published by sports medicine Australian and our very own Oral Health Therapist Pia Nevins along with a few of her colleagues were responsible for the research. Pia and her colleagues spent a year researching many rugby league clubs and coaches before it was published and it has been used to show the importance of mouthguards and the need for guidelines to be created.

As well as sports mouthguard, we offer other services, such as teeth whitening.

Get your mouthguard with us today

If you play sports, don’t risk serious facial injury by not using a mouthguard. Come and get yours at Tweed District Dental today!